Max. Swing Diameter Ø1600 mm
Max. Turning Diameter Ø1400 mm
Max. Turning Height Ø1250 mm
Max. Workpiece Weight 6,000 kg


Unique Performance & Excellent Precision

‧ The special Octagon RAM provides superior damping characteristics, excellent thermal expansion control, and stronger rigidity than traditional square RAM. The octagon RAM designed makes good performance on inner diameter drilling, available to extremely small holes.
‧ The table consists of Thrust Cylindrical Roller Bearing plus Thrust Cylindrical Roller Bearing. It makes oil circulation better; also extends lifetime of bearing.
The 15 Degree Slant Bed Crossrail Design reduces overhang problem and increases rigidity of machine.
‧ Five steps of up and down positioning on the crossrail, with Tapered Positioning Lock Pins, assure the re-positioning accuracy.
Octagon RAM
15 Degree Slant Bed Crossrail Design
Tapered Positioning Lock Pins
One-piece Column with Meehanite Cast Iron
ATC with Servo Motor


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