Automatic Tool Changer
Tool magazine is driven by servo motor to make sure the fast and precise positioning of ATC.
Non-powered model equipped with 12 tools.
Powered model equipped with 18 tools, adopts complex tool magazine with 9 powered tools and 9 non-powered tools.
RAM adopts high quality alloy steel, with full covered and high torque octagon-shaped structure is good for enduring the high forces of inner and outer diameter cutting, and assure the cutting accuracy.
Working table adopts hydraulic and bearing dual type to make high load capability and assure the accuracy.
Features of Radar Vertical Lathe:
Five steps of up and down positioning on the crossrail, with slanted positioning lock pins, assures the re-positioning accuracy and makes easier for programming.
X axis on the crossrail with slanted box way design could counterbalance the Z axis front-tilting disadvantage.
This special octagon RAM provides superior damping characteristics,excellent thermal expansion control,and stronger rigidity than traditional square RAM.
The octagon RAM designed makes good performance on inner diameter drilling, available to extremely small holes.
Outer diameter tool holder is equipped with slanted positioning taper to increase the machining rigidity and the tightness of tool and tool holder.
The octagon RAM designed counterbalance the machining forces on both sides, to assure the accuracy on both sides of inner and outer diameters.
Special tool magazine designed makes it easier for tool changing.
The one piece column made by Meehanite cast iron with wide span ribbed box structure Provides strong stability and rigidity.
4 jaws working table independently built-in designed is good for machining the thin and flat kind of work pieces. (optional)
Special designed C axis meets the application for all kinds of cutting operations like milling, drilling and grinding covered by vertical turning lathes.
Working table
High rigid working table equipped with 4 jaw independent manual chuck.
Built-in type independent 4 jaw chuck (optional) is suitable for thinner work piece machining.
Big driving gears
Gears adopt high quality alloy steel of nickel, chrominum, and molybdenum.
Big modulus slant-shaped gears equipped to upgrade the cutting capability.
CF axis (optional) adopts a set of worm gear and worm shaft equipped with big gear to achieve the precise transmission.
High rigid column
Column adopts symmetrical design of high quality cast iron, with stress releasing operation, to assure high rigidity and long endurance without deformation.
Box type structure
Column adopts multi-layer box-in-box structure design to decrease the thermal deformation from heavy cutting and increase the strength and rigidity of machine.
5 Steps braked Crossrail
The Crossrail adopts 5 steps of up and down positioning.
The crossrail adopts 4 sets of security brake system to assure the parallelism, stability and accuracy.
The crossrail adopts symmetrical design on both railway to meet the precise stability on the X axis travel.
The crossrail adopts adjustable positioning system on the left side to assure the accuracy.


ITEM RAL-12/12M RAL-16/16M RAL-20/20M
H 5,020/5,360 5,690/5,880 5,740/5,930
W 5,900 6,500 7,800
D 3,130 3,930 4,430


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